Hi! My name is Dionne

Founder & Principal

As a communications strategist, relationship manager, coach, and program and event facilitator for three decades, I’ve counseled and collaborated with leaders in public health, health policy and integrative health to bring to life and discussion issues that affect our overall well-being.

As a spiritual seeker, I spent almost as much time nurturing my personal passion in body, mind and spirit healing for physical health, emotional support, personal development and self-awareness.

Merging profession and passion led me to create 9th Sign Ventures, a shift from career to life purpose. My work is centered around healing, wellness and growth for the individual and the collective using the healing arts. I accomplish this mission through various partnerships, projects and platforms.

There are many paths to healing and wellness, and what matters most is what speaks to the hearts, minds and souls of those seeking.

Dionne Dougall